Rahul Surti
(847) 770-5977
University of Illinois at
B.S. Computer Engineering, May 2019
Dean's List
Core Programming
Relevant Coursework
  • CS 525: Advanced Distributed Systems
  • ECE 428: Distributed Systems
  • ECE 391: Computer Systems Engineering
  • CS 398: Applied Cloud Computing
  • CS 440: Artificial Intelligence
  • ECE 408: Parallel Programming
  • ECE 374: Algorithms
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Microsoft, Azure Storage
Software Engineer
Aug 2019 – Present
  • Created validation tool for Azure Storage's Managed Disk offering covering $300 million monthly revenue
  • Built from scratch in C# and leveraged Azure Resource Management API
  • Responsible for monitoring, alerting, and automated hotfix response for incidents in user capacity and internal Storage failures
Software Eng. Intern
May 2018 – Aug 2018
  • Created virtal assistance experience for Microsoft Sales Experience (MSX)
  • Integrated Microsoft Speech Cognitive Services with sales chatbot, CORA
  • Virtual assistant served as demo for MSX at Microsoft Ready 2018
GSI Group
Software Eng. Intern
Aug 2018 – Apr 2019
Aug 2017 – May 2018
  • Developed custom augmented reality experience using Microsoft Hololens
  • Project served as demo of barn ventilation technology for World Pork EXPO
  • Organized AGCO's first-ever hackathon with 70 participants, 14 projects, and 4 winning teams with applications directly affecting AGCO's business impact
Software Eng. Intern
May 2017 – Aug 2017
  • Designed and developed Yahoo Mail Apple Watch app from scratch in Swift
  • Built data caching and messaging framework on top of Watch Connectivity
  • Created augmented reality Yahoo Mail with ARKit for corporate hackathon
Growth Groups @Microsoft
Leadership Team Member
Mar 2020 - Dec 2020
  • Hackathon Coordinator, Keynote Speaker Coordinator for internal startup
  • GG is a community of 1000+ early-in-career Microsoft employees
  • Promoted #BuildForCOVID19 Global Hackathon and Microsoft Hackathon
  • Held 2 hackathon showcases with 5 and 14 projects, respectively
  • Co-hosted 6 keynotes with high profile speakers
Research & Related Projects
CS 525: Advanced Distributed Systems Research
Spring 2018
  • Built system for sharded logfile compression and query
  • Able to search files directly without decompression
  • Search latency 97% faster than grep while maintaining 50% compression
Distributed Graph Processing Engine
Fall 2017
  • Built custom GPE in Java implementing distributed graph algorithms, single-source shortest paths and pagerank
  • Able to process graphs with 2 million nodes, 3 million edges in seconds
Fault Tolerant Distributed File System
Fall 2017
  • Built distributed file system with integrated failure detector
  • DFS was able to maintain file redundancy while tolerating machine failures
  • Failure detector identified failures using heartbeat mechanism
Unix-based Operating System
Spring 2017
  • Built OS from scratch in C